Angelica Vale celebrates her 47th birthday and here’s her evolution over time

Angelica ValeMexican actress, comedian, impersonator and singer recognized for her role in “Fan”, recently celebrated his 47th birthday. Because of this we will review the artistic career of the Mexican-Venezuelan comedian Raul Vale’s daughter and Mexican singer and actress. Angelica Maria, a big celebrity Social websites.

Currently Angelica Vale It is very popular Social websites With 1.7 million followers on Instagram. However, the actress had her debut on television at the age of 2 months in the telenovela “The Miracle of Living”. In 1978 he participated in the telenovela “Munega Rota” and the films “La Guerra de los Pasteles” and “El Coyote y la Rand”. In 1982 he created a show aimed at children called “The Friendship Club”.

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