Bankruptcy? Disney closes one of its animation studios

Unfortunately the health crisis is hitting the media company very hard Walt Disney, Since it was recently announced that they have closed the doors of one of the animation studios.

Therefore, Blue sky, Who is in charge of films like “Ice Age” and “Rio”, will sadly close its doors after 34 years.

The mouse company continues on the path of its changes and refinements, which will soon happen with the Fox TV channels, which will be renamed “Star”, and there are already commercials promoting it.

At this point, the American media confirmed and confirmed that the deadline was Disney Company Closing Blue Sky Studios, former animation division of 20th Century Fox.

It is necessary to mention that Animation Studio, Founded in 1987, has grossed nearly $ 6 billion, produced a total of 13 films, and received three Academy Award nominations: “Ice Age” (5 films), “Robots,” “Horton and Who’s World”, “Rio” (2 films), “Epic”, “Charlie Brown: Peanuts”, “Ole: Ferdinand’s Journey” and “Spies Spies”.

According to reports, Blue Sky has hung on to a thread since Disney bought Fox, but its closure was delayed by the Cornavirus epidemic because theme parks and travel lines unfortunately lost money, unable to support a third film animation studio, especially due to the current economic situation.

Unfortunately the closure will affect a total of 450 workers who will be forced to leave their jobs next April.

It has also been reported that Disney will be exploring vacancies in other in-house studios with staff from the Greenwich-based studio.

After much attention and evaluation, we have made the difficult decision to stop filming at Blue Sky Studios, “said an official spokesman.

However, the Blue Sky Library and intellectual property will remain part of Disney, although there are rumors that other studios are hiring staff, although the company is no longer operating.

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In addition, they have been working on the “Ice Age” series for streaming service Disney +, Grossed over $ 2.2 billion at the world box office.

The truth is, the news did not surprise anyone, because from the first moment it was assumed that Disney Blue Sky was coming to an end sooner or later, and finally the current situation led the studio not to wait any longer.

Blue Sky Studios, on the other hand, is a CGI animation studio that specializes in computer animation character development based on The Walt Disney Company’s Greenwich-based Connecticut after the contract expires on March 20, 2019.

The studio was founded in 1987 by Michael Ferro, Carl Ludwig, Alison Brown, David Brown, Chris Wedge and Eugene Trobetskoy, after the company they worked for in Magic, one of the visual effects studios behind Tron.

With its in-rendering software, the studio worked on visual effects for commercials and films before making a complete return to producing an animated film in the 2002 release of Ice Age.

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In the tenth Images From the studio to the present day, Ice Age and Rio have been its most successful owners, and The Peanuts Movie is its most critically acclaimed film, actually the logo of the Scrat (Ice Age) company.

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