A half Mexican and half American heart

Yahritsa and its essence Ignoring controversy on social networks and releasing new music, a few weeks ago, the band went viral due to an interview conducted in January, in which they did not speak well about Mexican food, in addition to this, other videos came to light Yahritza, the singer, does not speak Spanish, only listens in English; In the third video, a 15-year-old boy makes a face Dissatisfaction when a taco stand gives you a soda in a plastic bag. Although the brothers have already apologized in this regard, some netizens are trying to cancel them.

Although they lost millions of followers on social networks, their songs continue to be the most listened to on digital platforms, their concerts in the United States continue to sell out, and their performance at the Arre Festival this September 9th in Mexico City is still 10.

Yahritsa admits that it is difficult to cope with the hatred towards her and her sisters in the networks, because now she is afraid to go out on the street or fear for her brothers’ safety; She admitted as much in an interview a few days ago, in which she tearfully recounted her feelings about the avalanche of hatred she and their parents felt.

The regional Mexican group, which began a successful comeback, ran into a wall when their statements about Mexico and its food were not accepted by a large part of the population, however, the three brothers continued their musical path and announced new music. A strange picture that declares that Furious EP Part 2That means new releases on September 8.

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In this hand-drawn image, you can see a heart made by two hands, in the center of which it is furious, in one hand there is a cactus, a Mexican flag with a Texan hat, a symbol of love and peace, a rabbit, a moon, lightning and a pine tree, and in the other hand a guitar, Some show the flag of the United States with cherries, an eye, a heart, a rose and a moon.

Yahritza y su Esencia announces new music with this film.

Opinions on the image have been divided, with some encouraging young people to ignore the hate while other netizens urge them to stop “taking advantage of Mexico.”

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