A doctor living in the United States returns to Cuba, and the regime prevents him from leaving

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Monday, September 4, 2023

A Cuban doctor with Spanish citizenship and living in the United States decided to visit the island a few weeks ago, and now the Cuban regime prevents him from leaving the country.

Your ex is the person you identify with Twitter As a Cuban guajiro, he said, Cuban authorities informed the health professional that it was regulated.

“My ex, a doctor, came to visit Cuba a month ago, he is a US resident and a Spanish citizen. He came to visit his family. Turns out it was arranged and they confirmed it for him when he checked his ticket back to the US. He lives on a test,” he opined.

“I believe it’s a problem with the system, it hasn’t been updated in months and years, I’d like to believe it. I hope he comes back, he needs it,” the man asked.

As well, the doctor “is still a Cuban citizen, and if he wasn’t, there would be no way to keep him in. I’m not going to give up my Cuban citizenship while inside Cuba, that’s not the case. We know that activists with dual citizenship have been restricted for years.

According to his story, the doctor “came out several years ago with a Spanish passport and applied for the Law of Adjustment. Stayed like that and got citizenship. He came to Cuba to visit his family, he cannot leave, and he is waiting to be allowed to return to the United States.

This person argued that the doctor “traveled to America with his Spanish passport when they first started regulating doctors. Apparently, when they left, they put his name in the computer, but he was already gone, and he didn’t know it until he arrived.

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Journalist Mario J. Benton was intrigued by the case and expressed his interest in interviewing Dr. “Is there any way to talk to him?” he asked.

As of this writing, no further details about the case have been released.

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