Tensions continue in Guatemala: Thousands call for attorney general to resign for meddling in election process

A woman holds a sign during a march against the legal actions taken by the Attorney General’s Office against the Movimiento Semilla party and President-elect Bernardo Arevalo (AP Photo/Moise Castillo).

Thousands of Guatemalans protested in front of the Public Ministry offices in various parts of the country on Monday, demanding the resignation of the Attorney General. Comfort CheersTo whom they point Attempt to prevent the next president from taking office.

Protests began last week and demanded the lawyer’s resignation Raphael Kuruchiche And the judge Freddie OrellanaThey point to legal action against the Seed movement, the party that produced a surprise election that led progressives to the presidency. Bernardo Arevalo.

Curruchiche is investigating Semilla for allegations that Arevalo forged signatures to form the party in 2022, but that it accelerated when the then-candidate went into the second election round.

Protesters in Guatemala City (AP Photo by Moisés Castillo)

On Friday, Arévalo gave the names and surnames of those he believes are leading a “conspiracy” in the Central American country, and accused Borres, Gruchiche, Orellana and the congressional board of directors of trying to suspend Semilla’s legal status. On Wednesday, Congress removed the power’s current representatives from the party after Orellana’s ruling suspended Semilla, although no final sentence has yet been issued.

On Monday, in seven of the country’s 22 departments, thousands of people protested peacefully in front of the Attorney General’s office, carrying placards reading “corruption condolence” and “resignation” referring to the attorney general.

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“We have decided to take the offices of prosecutors and Orellana to resign because they are obstructing the electoral process,” said Enrique Lopez of the Cinca parliament, an organization of domestic officials who exercise their power in three sectors bordering Honduras and El Salvador in the east of the country. “As a people we have already We are tired of this corrupt system that has ruled us.”

Bernardo Arevalo (Europe Press/Fernando Sui)

The tribal leader mentioned that the ruling political class He does not want to leave power and does not respect what the people have already expressed in the elections.

In the second presidential round, Arévalo won 60.91% Votes vs. 39.09% Conservative Sandra Torres of the National Unity of Hope (UNE) party.

“The only right of the people is through the vote, and that vote was clearly seen on this occasion. Today more than ever they don’t respect the will of the people, they want to continue what they want, submitting to this system that has condemned us to poverty, lack of opportunities and suffering,” Lopez said.

Negotiations between the outgoing Alejandro Giammattei and Arévalo government are scheduled to begin this Monday, under the watchful eye of OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, invited by the current president. The meeting will be held without permission for the press. The OAS has called for the election results to be respected, to stop the judicialization of the process and to allow an orderly transition of power.

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On Saturday, the Supreme Election Tribunal stayed Semila’s suspension till October 31. The Elections and Political Parties Act establishes that no party can be suspended or canceled while the election process is underway and that the process expires on the last day of October.

The judicialization of the electoral process has caused alarm and rejection by countries and organizations of the international community. Last week the Organization of American States (OAS) said that not allowing Arévalo to take power endangers democracy and violates the constitution.

Boras, Gurruchic and Orellana were previously sanctioned by the US government for disrupting the fight against corruption and undermining democracy in Guatemala.

(With information from AP)

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