A dentist goes to vaccinate against COVID-19 with a fake hand

Milan – A dentist faces potential criminal charges Italy For trying to get vaccinated COVID-19 In a fake hand made of silicone.

Filippa Pua, a nurse who treated him in the northern city of Piello, said Thursday that he realized something was wrong when the man gave him a fake bundle to inject.

“When I found the hand, I felt that the skin was cool and sticky and the color was very light.”, Considered Pua to be the Italian diary Corriere della Sera.

At first, he thought the 57-year-old’s arm had been amputated and that he had made a mistake in showing it. But he lifted her shirt and looked at the silicone prosthesis.

“I immediately understood that the person was trying to avoid the vaccine using silicone prosthesis, in which he expected me to inject him without my knowledge,” he added.

According to the nurse, the person agreed not to be vaccinated, but the “super” pass is mandatory to enter restaurants, theaters, theaters and other locations across Italy from Monday.

The dentist has already been suspended for refusing to be vaccinated, which is mandatory for health workers in the country.

The person was educated and left the vaccination center because his attempt failed, Pua added.

“We stopped, reflected and understood that this was not just a surreal situation, but a real attempt at fraud,” the nurse added. She and other workers at the center sent documents to their superiors to report the case, which was handed over to the prosecutor.

Although the country’s vaccination rate is relatively high – 85% of those over the age of 12 are eligible – those between the ages of 30 and 59 have become very lethargic, with nearly 3.5 million people not receiving it. The first dose in that group.

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