A crane overturned in the center of Madanzas

A A crane belonging to the Water and Sewerage Company overturned This Wednesday at the center of Matanzas, fortunately in an event No deaths or injuries were caused.

According to the journalist Jose Miguel SolisIt all happened when, in the process of extending the boom to lift some painters, it shifted from the center of gravity and the permitted angle, causing a loud noise.

The The painters were low to the ground and realizing what was happening, they jumped Without great evils, he added to his wall Facebook.

Capture of Facebook / José Miguel Solís

Photo taken The radius is 26 The crane shows where the arm fell, and it was truly lucky that no one was walking there at the time.

Photo: Facebook / Radio26 Station Matanzas Cuba

“The The impact area of ​​the folding metal arm was free of bystanders. The crane technician who was inside was not harmed,” he said in his post Facebook.

Facebook / Radio26 Station Matanzas Cuba capture

The workers said They painted the facade of the city governor’s office When the crane overturned, no damage was done as they were out of stone at the time.

For its part, the provincial government said the crane was operating in the city’s founding square. In the middle of the streetWhen he lost his balance and his hand fell on the stones.

“Crane Operator, as part of the activities for its 330th anniversary, has been immersed in the renovation of this part of the historic center of the city, to raise the painters of the alternative materials company brigade”, details in his profile. Facebook.

Provincial government seizure of people power on Facebook/Matanzas

There was no further material damage.

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Firefighters and officials from the area rushed to the scene and at the time of writing this note, They are looking for alternatives to remove the crane.

“Until now A technical fault in the equipment is believed to be the cause of the dump“, he added.

Facebook / Newspaper capture 26

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