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Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been a long time in the making Option to edit messages Now this tool has come with its new update.

The app made this announcement a few weeks ago and users had to wait for a while Devices have this option Android and iOS.

How to edit a WhatsApp message?

To edit a message, remember it It will take you maximum 15 minutes after sending And if it’s a text you’ve sent in a group, it will be updated for all chat participants.

Likewise, when you edit said text, On the back of this will appear the message “Revised”.Next to shipping time.

Also, if you haven’t updated the app, the message will appear: “This message has been edited for all participants in this chat using the latest version of WhatsApp.”

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To edit your message, you need to long press it and several options will appear there:

– Stand out.
– Answer.
– Send again.
– Copy.
– edit.
– Information.
– Eliminate.
– Further

You need to select the ‘Edit’ option where a text space will appear to edit the information you need.

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This option is also available in the web version of WhatsApp where you have to right click on the text and the ‘Edit’ option will appear.

You should know that when you edit a message, a new chat notification is not sent to the participants of the conversation, and you cannot edit photos, videos or other types of multimedia files. Portal of the site.

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