A Chinese coast guard collided with one of its cargo vessels in the South China Sea, the Philippines said.

A Philippine Coast Guard vessel accompanying this replenishment mission was “damaged” by a “Chinese Maritime Combat Ship”.

Philippines A ship said this Sunday China Coast Guard collided with a Filling vessel A small neighborhood Military Garrison In dispute South Sea.

In a statement, the Government Executive Committee said, “Dangerous maneuvers by Chinese Coast Guard vessel 5203 resulted in a collision with a replenishment vessel contracted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.” about 25 kilometers from the atoll The second was Thomas Scholl.

In another incident, A Philippine Coast Guard Ship He was a supporter of this Redistribution work was”With the collisionBy “China Maritime Combat Ship”.

“The National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea strongly condemns the latest Dangerous, reckless and illegal activities The Chinese Coast Guard and Chinese Maritime Militia carried out this morning,” he added.

He also condemned the Xi Jinping regime’s maneuvers as endangering the safety of the crew on board the supply ship.

“Dangerous maneuvers by the Chinese Coast Guard” were recorded 25 kilometers from the second Thomas Shoal atoll, according to a report released by a government task force. (Armed Forces of the Philippines/AP)

In early October, A Chinese Coast Guard Ship It was less than a meter away from crashing into one Philippine Boat It came weeks after tensions rose over a floating embargo installed by the regime, which it sought to block Xi Jinping In territorial waters.

Amidst the eight-hour incident, another Philippine ship was intercepted by the Chinese military.

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There could be a conflict in these disputed waters AmericaThe Philippines has pledged to protect its forces, ships and aircraft in the event of an armed attack by China.

Two small supply ships escorted by the Philippine Coast Guard broke through the Chinese blockade and delivered food and other supplies to a Philippine naval outpost on the sandbar.

“We condemn the conduct of China Coast Guard. “It violates international law, specifically the rules of conflict,” spokesman Jay Dariala announced at a press conference.

He assured that the PRP Chintangan, one of the two vessels of the Philippine Coast Guard, quickly changed its engine speed to avoid colliding with the Chinese vessel, which was about a meter away.

The Chinese regime’s coast guard threatened a ship carrying food, water and fuel for its soldiers.

This is about A near-dangerous maneuver“The Chinese regime acted against the Philippine patrol boat,” Dariela added.

The incident was witnessed by several journalists invited by the Philippine Coast Guard as part of a strategy to condemn China’s aggressive activities in the South Sea.

He Chinese rule Claims its sovereignty over almost all waters South SeaA vital artery of world trade, disputed with other littoral states Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei.

The tension between Manila and Beijing The explosion occurred in August when the Chinese regime’s coast guard vessels were deployed Water cannons One of the ships was prevented from delivering its cargo against the Philippine redistribution mission.

Atoll The second is Thomas Shoal About 200 kilometers from the western Philippines island BalavanAnd more than 1,000 kilometers from the closest continent to China, the island Hainan.

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(With information from AFP and Associated Press)

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