Summary of the Mallorca vs Atletico de Madrid (1-0) match; Aguirre wins

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Javier Aguirre It was screened at home with success and it was incredibly successful Majorca 1-0 at Atletico Madrid, Decision against all contradictions; Thus, Vasco did not hit Diego Simeon And in strategic combat Help your team exit the exit zone Ends Series defeat in seven games.

A week ago, he made his debut with a defeat against Vasco Godafe 1-0, but only at home this Saturday for his presentation and he showed up with the fans because it was a contender fighting for first places, but now he is away with 57 units.

And that’s it Seville Three points above them is in second place Barcelona Thirdly above, it has the same points as the cushions, but needless to say how far the two pending games and the top are left. The real Madrid With 69 units.

When Mallorca celebrates this golden victory, it leaves the red zone as it reaches 29 points, rising one point to 17th. Cadiz The loser with Bedis; When I woke up Y Always They are in 19th and 20th place with 22 points.

Defend the victory and the difference by penalty

Paul Mafio By the way there was a stench in the area RenildoWho received the yellow card for that play at 66 ‘; Thus 68 ‘Mallorca was charged from 11 steps and வேதாத் முரிகி He was responsible for scoring the goal that would give them victory.

Aguirre also knew how to stop his team’s defense from the start of the game, so the maximum penalty would be three points; One of Aguirre’s most common matches against Solo was because they never conceded more than one goal in their duel.

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Atlético de Madrid remained on the team throughout the game but canceled out Mallorca’s good position and won the gold.

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