A ’90s soap opera heartthrob who gave up acting for the career of her dreams

Rodrigo Vidal She was only 16 when she knew that scouting, planning calls, conducting budget meetings and managing everything related to production was what she wanted to do when she grew up.

One day I was watching a recording on one of the Televisa forums when a famous producer TV soaps, Carla Estrada, saw him and was absolutely furious, saying that the whole team was being delayed because of him. Realizing it was a mistake, he apologized to Rodrigo and said he thought he was an actor, so he asked his team to audition him. So, with little experience (he had previously only participated in one film), he joined the cast If love comes

Gillian Patton

"Tv aficionado. Lifelong communicator. Travel ninja. Hardcore web buff. Typical music geek."

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