Take a deep breath before watching Dayanara Torres at 32 star in a video clip with her young children

Dayanara Torres She will always be one of the most beautiful women this part of the world has ever seen. Let’s remember that the TV presenter became Miss Universe in 1993 and since then I have not been able to remain anonymous. In recent times, he has been in charge of showing heartbroken films back when he was younger.

went with Mark Antony A former Miss Universe can start a family and have beautiful children. In fact, on their networks I post “30th anniversary. Nothing is more important than my role as a mother, and it’s even more memorable when reflected in this music video with my beautiful children! Christian & Ryan”, her words referring to her children.

Dayanara Torres. Source: Instagram @dayanarapr

When presenter Dayanara Torres was 32 years old

Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres She has made it clear on every occasion that the aforementioned crown, fame and travels cannot compare to the joy she felt when she became a mother. As she said, this role inspires her daily and she immortalized it in a music video.

To honor your children Mark Antony, the host showed some footage shot in 2007 with Alex Wooder’s song “Beautiful Now.” In the audiovisual clip, she can be seen preparing breakfast for her little ones, Christian and Ryan, who are now all grown up, but were just babies at the time.

In that video Dayanara Torres Shared on YouTube, little children can be seen dancing in a light-filled house with the former Miss Universe. This emotional family memory, recorded 16 years ago, went viral, with social media users posting hundreds of comments about the family.

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