Gold Nice! Atlante is the champion of Liga Expansion MX

Atlante secured their second Expansion MX League title, making them the best winners under this format, which does not include a fight for promotion to Liga MX.

Atlantean After the defeat, he became the first winner of the expansion league after winning his second championship in the division Is it valid? 1-3 in the final Opening 2022, in which Christian Bermudez, Cesar L√≥pez scored in addition to Guillermo Alisson’s own goal; Carlos Acosta scored for the Cashiers.

Two minutes into the game, there was a knock on Atlante’s door Is it valid? Daniel Lajude and Christian Bermudez combined on a play to take a shot, but Guillermo Allison cut it short and the ‘Hobbit’ chested the shot.

The local team reacted with two dangerous plays in the ‘Colts’ goal, but they met Humberto Hernandez, who saved his frame in two sets. First he stopped a shot from Diego Gonzalez in the 8′, then he took the Chilean in an angle from Ricardo Marin.

Atlantean Guillermo finally beat Alisson in the 16′, in which Mauro Brasil mistimed the ball so it reached Edson Partida, who controlled and conceded to ‘Hobbit’ Bermudez, a footballer inside the area. For webs.

The defensive errors continued Is it valid?Intimidated again Atlantean In the 25′, but once again Guillermo Alisson appeared to cover Juan Dominguez’s shot that hit the back of the home team’s defenders, and the same situation was repeated in the 44′, but the goalkeeper dived to send the ball into the corner. .

Cashiers finished the first half in a figure with Guillermo Alisson leveling the score in the 47′ with a long-range shot by Carlos Acosta, who beat ‘Concito’ Hernandez with a left-footed shot.

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With the score tied, the action of the game was mostly held in the center of the pitch, so there were no dangerous actions in the two goals, which were re-punched, so the final came down to extra time.

The script of the match did not change, with both teams maintaining a cautious posture, fearing to receive a commentary, apart from individual acts such as Juan Dominguez, who failed to confront the rivals. William AllisonBut before taking the shot, the player Atlantean He fumbled and couldn’t finish before the goalkeeper bailed out.

That’s how close the game was at 1-1. Atlantean He looked to do damage with long-range shots, as in the 111′, Guillermo Alisson saved a shot from Rolando Gonzalez, but he left the rebound to Maximiliano Garcia, who appeared to head the goalkeeper. Save his bow again. However, the ball hit the post and then sent the ball over the goalkeeper’s heel into the nets of his room.

Atlantean After receiving a pass from Juan Dominguez, Guillermo Allison sent the ball into the net to cap the streak with a score by Cesar Lopez that gave him the Expansion League title at 1-3 in the final.

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