A new twist in Miguel Ponce’s career outside Chivas and the big clubs

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The people of Guadalajara decided to do without the services of the defender for the second time, giving him the opportunity to join the club that suits him best.

© Imago7A new twist in Miguel Ponce’s career

The relationship seemed unsustainable. Between Miguel Ponce and Chivas de Guadalajara, from left side action He has come down in recent years, above all his approach in many sports has not been entirely promising and for this reason his contract with him has been terminated. Atlético team and now he is looking for new opportunities where UNAM Pumas called to add him to their team.

Good news soon came for the player who spent 15 years at two different levels with the Holy Herd, Because he previously left to play with Negaxa and Toluca and then returned to Perla Tabatia, but this time at least With the new program commanded by Fernando Hierro there is no place in the company for the next three years.

Bolavip with information from Pumas UNAM, correspondent of the portal Dale Azul y Oro: Brian Sales, He announced on his Twitter account that Pocho is on the agenda of university students: “Miguel Ponce is an option, but not at right-back, he’s been a left-back all his life. Considering (Efrain) Velarde’s departure And the loss of Geronimo (Rodriguez) is possible, but not closed. He is currently a free agent.

A smaller team is also interested in Bones

But reports from Azteca Deportes Jalisco’s Alex Ramírez this Friday that OAnother team looking for Miguel Ponce is Calos Blancos de Queretaro. A tragedy struck with the clash in the team, which has faced several financial and sporting problems since last March Local misfits and Atlas, and it ended with a veto of hundreds of injured draws and a year without fans in the stands.

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“Guerretaro is among those interested in acquiring the services of Miguel Ponce. Who are their federal rights? He analyzes other options, but Gallos raises his hand”, Released by the communicator. The reality is that even without the Pumas, Ponce has no shortage of opportunities. The defender seems far from returning to a big club, at least in the near future.


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