100 Supercars at Kandura Rally 2022 in Dubai

Dubai is the city where you can meet the most beautiful, expensive and famous cars in the world. This city is so filled with muscle cars that the architects and planners initially made a small mistake: they left very few sidewalks for cyclists and pedestrians. Now in new areas they are trying to correct this confusion, but still, the main way to travel in the city is driving by car. Most tourists visit Dubai without their vehicle, so it is very profitable for them to rent a car from specialized companies. Hiring a car is convenient because then you can visit all the sights and even see the famous deserts. The rental cost depends on the model of the car. Since Dubai is a city of luxury, so many visitors want to fulfill their main dream of hiring a lamborghini here. 

Dubai is well-known for its celebrations. On July 2, 2022, travelers and auto fans are starting the fun ride at Dubai Autodrome. Nearly 100 supercars are going to be presented at Kandura Rally, labeled the hottest racing event in Dubai. Admission is free, guests may see all the things connected with driving. Over 2,500 spectators are anticipated to attend the Rally.

Aim of this celebration is to honor racing culture and highlight the spirit of the Kandura, that stands for elegance, confidence, convenience, and individuality. The ceremony is being organized in collaboration with EMO.

Different ethnicities will take part in the ceremony with their own parties while wearing the customary Kandura for Arab men. The motorcade will pass several famous Dubai sites, visiting well-known races.

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The Car and Bike Show contest will be one more centerpiece of the ceremony. Prizes totaling more than $6,000 will be granted to competition champions. The program also includes an exposition of customized and vintage super vehicles.

According to the organizers, they are absolutely thrilled to hold the first competition of such kind in Dubai and have planned a fun motor fiesta to bring the racing society together to enjoy the automobiles, elegance, and way of life that best exemplifies Dubai.


For all the vehicle enthusiasts in the Emirates, the Kandura Rally will include an amazing exhibition of motor innovations and craftsmanship. It will traverse through several picturesque highways in Dubai and will include a line-up of supercars and distinctive muscle vehicles. The promoters guarantee that this race will be the must-attend event for all Dubai-based racing fans. Celebrities also like to attend different OAE events and places.

The organizing committee says that it is a fantastic chance. They are participating in the event as volunteers to show off the UAE uniqueness and the youth’s passion for this activity, which has a significant positive influence on Dubai residents’ living and close links to their nation. The pinnacle of pure automobile craftsmanship will be on exhibit at Kandura. Visitors will have the chance to see design, elegance, and exuberance come together. In the meantime, it will celebrate Dubai’s motoring background and thirst for living a glitzy lifestyle while also bringing out the city’s genuine essence.

The festival-style event will provide guests with a wide variety of food options from various restaurants, as well as exciting music and fun motor attractions that will appeal to both motor fanatics and neutral observers. 

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Kandura invites everybody to take part in different sections to display their automobiles that they think could attract a lot of attention.

The Radisson Red Hotel will host the finalists’ awards presentation. This event is unquestionably intended to be the most amazing and fascinating thing that happens in Dubai this summer. Dubai is a thriving commercial center with world-class shopping, sporting events, and entertainment offerings every month. In Dubai, grandiose yearly celebrations are the standard, and this year will not be an exception. There are many activities for Dubai tourists and locals and the best way to get acquainted with this fascinating country with contrasting cultures is by attending any festival there.

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