Dobaran encourages giving space to Basques outside schools

donostia – The Deputy Minister for Language Policy in the Basque government, Meren Dubaran, emphasized yesterday that we must “correctly deal” with the new generations and provide them with opportunities so that they can speak Basque “in the whole ecosystem” outside of school, and thus have “more facilities” and “feel better with Basque” outside of academia.

In an interview with Bizkaia Irratia and collected Europe Press, Dubaran noted that the profile of current Basque speakers has changed and that the majority are new speakers, who learned Basque at school and did not have the opportunity to use it in the neighborhood, in the family or in the informal field of Basque. the society. Everyday life. So he noted that they lack the habit of using Basque and have to “build some records”.

“What needs to be done? Get the new generations right and know that it is not possible with the school process alone. The school provides a foundation, but we need to immerse, we have to provide opportunities for the next generations so that in everything the extracurricular ecosystem can speak Basque.” , so that they have an easier time and feel better with Basque outside of academia.” In addition, he said that “living in a town in Lea Artebay is not the same as in a town in Greater Bilbao” and that this meant that public institutions should conduct “almost a study of each municipality separately”.

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