YouTube has a new format for watching videos: this is how the Google app has changed

The app's new design prioritizes discovering new content and ideas. (dpa)

YouTube is a new face. After many years, with the same design to organize its contents while playing a video, now the platform has undergone a radical change and changed the location of recommended videos and comments.

This is a change that started on April 10th and will gradually roll out to other users around the world. Although the new design was done only in the web version, now the mobile app continues in the same way.

One of the most obvious changes is the new location of the video title and description. Previously located at the bottom of the screen, they now move to the right of the player. This transfer allows users to read relevant information while continuing to enjoy content, Eliminates the need to scroll down to access video details.

The Google platform now displays recommended videos in a larger format. (Infobae)

Additionally, the comments section also had a significant makeover. pushed to a previously defined location, It now extends to the right and takes a prominent place next to the video description.

This new layout makes it easier to read and participate in the conversation without interrupting the background content.

Another key aspect of the new design is the revamped video recommendations. Instead of appearing on the side of the main video, they are now displayed below and take up a large amount of space. Thumbnails of recommended videos are larger and more detailed, making it easier for users to explore and discover new content more effectively.

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However, this change leads to a reduction in the number of recommendations displayed on each page The content of short films is included in the middle of this sectionA short video section of the platform.

The Google platform now displays recommended videos in a larger format. (Infobae)

With this design change, Google Apps took the opportunity to add a new small section to the interface. Between video information and comments, a banner can appear with an ad or a place for content creators or bands to promote other products. This is a new monetization option for the platform, which was previously unavailable with the previous interface.

This new design on YouTube is a clear shift in the way users consume content. Scrolling down on this allows you to find new content and user comments are on the right.

YouTube's new design represents a significant step in the platform's evolution. By improving the accessibility and visibility of key components, the company is trying to provide a more satisfying experience to users, although we will have to wait to see how these changes are received.

It should be noted that this change is still in the testing phase and has not been widely implemented. however, Once it is available there is no way back to the previous interface.

The YouTube Studio interface with a new tagging design allows you to distinguish content created or modified by AI. (GOOGLE BLOG)

YouTube will now force content creators to label videos created or edited with artificial intelligence.

Channels to prevent this type of content from being mistaken for genuine information They should now put a transparent label in the video descriptions or directly in the player.

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For content that addresses important topics such as Health, news, elections or finance, YouTube has decided to implement a niche label. however, Clearly fictional, animated, with special effects are excluded Or in which artificial intelligence is only used as a production aid rather than altering the perception of reality.

Likewise, the use of AI doesn't have to be relegated to productivity tasks like generating scripts or content ideas. Also, video site Creators don't have to disclose the use of AI for productivity tasks like generating scripts or content ideas.

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