Peru changes visa requirements for Mexican nationals

(CNN Spanish) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the country's government has canceled the decree requiring visas for Mexican nationals visiting Peru. A statement This Wednesday.

“The Government of Peru has decided to withdraw the Supreme Decree that established the visa requirement for Mexican citizens visiting us. This action responds to the call of various voices from the tourism and related sectors, and respects our commitment to the principles of the Peruvian Federation. Pacific, as well as declaring the free movement of people between its member states. , reaffirming our sentiments in favor of regional integration and relations of friendship and cooperation with the Mexican people,” the statement said.

The decision comes amid tensions between Peru and Mexico in recent days over visa requirements.

On 5th April, The government of Mexico announced Starting April 20, Peruvians wishing to visit Mexican territory must have a visa. In response, announced by Peru A supreme command It suspended visa waivers for Mexican citizens.

“We faced the unilateral declaration of the government of Mexico to impose the requirement of a temporary visa on Peruvian citizens who decide to visit their country, and apply the principle of reciprocity, a fundamental rule in relations between sovereign states. Peru's requirement will impose a visa on Mexican citizens who decide to visit our country,” the foreign ministry said. A statement at the time.

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