Young people had space in the Magdalena Society to present their needs

And during yesterday’s regular session, the constituency assembly provided space for the intervention of the Youth Council, which revealed the needs they hold due to the lack of allocation of resources to the proposals submitted, and explained their need.

Youth Council President Leonor Sanchez expressed her concerns and asked for resources to support the youth of the province “Regional F In their recent period, the governments did not provide guarantees or rights to the youth of the Magdalena constituency, and that is why we went to this entity to express the plight we are experiencing.

“We require again by Act 1885 which is the statute for young people who participate in these systems, that the first sitting be held jointly with the council Not only does the departmental youth socialize, but the counselors also communicate with the deputies of the Magdalena constituency as administrators. Leonor Sanchez noted.

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Likewise, he said: “We have an actual socialization agenda in reality is that they have participation councils on this occasion that we ask again By the Act of 1885, which is the statute for the young men who take part in these systems, the first sitting is held jointly with the circuit youth council.”

The delegate also announced his lack of participation in the public policies stipulated in Article 59 of Law 1622. Until now, the Council of Young people do not have an incentive scheme and require guarantees to be able to achieve the objective of working with the required tools as specified in the rule and to comply with the section youth.

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It should be noted that in 2022 the Youth Council presented a roadmap with their requirements, to gradually develop plans in order to benefit and support vulnerable communities, while showing planning to reduce the educational gap and pregnancies. 15 years, as stated by the International Institute for Family Welfare in its report on the increases in cases section pregnancy.

However, through a proponent of the share trust, since he could not attend the Duma, they pointed out the fact that Roadmap, “The governor is preparing a large amount of resources to support youth projects,” said the representative.

In turn, Representative Julio David Alzamora took the lead in expressing the complex situation that the youth of the department is going through, noting that “we were concerned, the State Duma provided them with the necessary tools in terms of faculties and resources to support young people in establishing the Equity Secretariat, to prevent the continuation of this current situation, not There is an official from the county government to defend her.”

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In addition, the deputy added that Magdalena ranks the worst in terms of qualifications Colombian youth express their dissatisfaction with the lack of development and planning policies for minors.

It should also be noted that the county government has been invited to carry out projects in the interest of the Constitution and the law and to actively contribute to them.

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Finally, Leonor Sánchez explained that they had persistently tried to approach the provincial administration, however, the meetings were repeatedly postponed and the dialogue table never arrived to support these projects they were seeking. To improve the situation of youth in Magdalena County, members of this entity hope to conclude agreements to improve the future and opportunities of these youth.

At the conclusion of the Ordinary Session, the MPs stated that the Corporation would act jointly in joint sessions provided for by Act 1885 and with the invitation of the Provincial Governments to facilitate Platforms and advisors can to work for Magdalena youth.

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