The girl walks through the rain to see her boyfriend

“She’s the Chosen One”: The girl walks through the rain to see her lover. Photo: Video capture TikTok via @marioalegre2

“She’s the chosen one” was one of the comments Mario Alegre received in a video he posted on March 11. TikTok It shows the moment his girlfriend visits him in the rain.

In the post, the young man from Peru wrote, “I’m telling my girlfriend that I feel bad,” and showed heavy rain in the street. He then points out: “She’s in the middle of the rain”, and the woman is seen running towards his house, drenched, and then greeting him.

Mario captioned the video, ‘So, it’s love’ and set the romantic moment to Mon Laferte and Enrique Bunbury’s ‘My Good Love’.

In the publication, many wrote advice to the young man: “You don’t have a girlfriend, you have a pure and honest love”, “Tired of being a mere spectator. Take her to the moon for us, brother, my ex lost her like that too, “I want to live that dream too. “, “And then they go with someone who doesn’t exist” lift a finger for them”, “Take care of her, no woman would do these things”, “A woman who makes you unique, respectful, faithful, loves God and strives to be better every day. There is”, ” She’s the chosen one, bro”, “I was like, I was dying for him, and in the end he cheated on me. I’m now with someone who shows me every day that I matter to him.

In a video he shared in early March, the young man commented on how they met: “One day I met a critic and fan of Kenya Oz and I decided to keep her. Now we are criticizing and listening to Kenya together.”

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