Young Italian collects discarded clothes and makes sure they look like new

Young collects the discarded clothes of Italians and makes sure they are as good as new. Photo: Video capture TikTok via @karensalatino

User TikTok Karen SalatinoOriginally from Argentina but based in Italy, he shared a post showing how he collects clothes that people usually throw away but are still in good condition.

“In Italy, On the first Tuesday of every month, people take clothes to the street, very nice, very new clothes. We went out because they said it and we checked it out. Here we are with the bags,” he narrated in the video, in which he can be seen walking away with the day’s loot, along with a woman.

Then she showed me the two clothes she got: “Look at this brand new jacket, it’s beautiful, it fits my partner, 10 points, it’s really nice, really. Lo and behold, the other day I went out to dinner and I wore this top I found and it was beautiful and I loved it”.

When asked where in Italy it happened, the woman noted: “It’s in Salerno, and I know places like Calabria do it.”

“I love that people reuse clothes, I love that people recycle a lot of clothes and businesses benefit”, “I want to go to collect to donate to the most needy children”, “I live in Italy, I also take clothes every season.”

This May 16, the woman shared a new one in which she described receiving some mockery for her ‘surgery’, which is used in her home country to collect items from garbage. “I think a college friend WhatsApped me last night and she says: ‘Look Karen, you’re in the middle of TN,’ and an Argentinian woman in Italy found bags of clothes,” she noted.

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Finally, he pointed out: “This is the first time I’ve gone viral, I’m doing it through surgery, and I can’t believe it. For all this, everyone tells me: “must be Argentina”, “that’s it, I don’t know how to win in Europe”, in short, who takes away the experience, I have a lot of events from this trip, so nothing, surgery around the world.

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