You will not believe me! Kick Hernandez WBC – Able to play in a fictional Cuba in full swing

Jesus Alain Fernandez

The 2021 post season is dedicated to Puerto Rican player Enrique (Kick) Hernandez. This time he did what he did for the Los Angeles fans with the Boston Red Sox.

After a precarious start to his first season as a player for the versatile Puerto Rican American League Eastern team, he was finally able to earn a luxury spot in the Patriots. Kick, Who also played for the Astros and Marlins early in his career (2014), became known in the basement world for his performances as a Los Angeles Dodgers utility player.

The versatile player had his two best nights in the final and defining games of the 2017 and 2020 Championship Series. First, three home runs and seven RBIs to send the Dodgers to discuss the World Series against the Houston Astros.

Second, after entering the sixth game of the 2020 Championship Series against Atlanta Braves (shortly before entering the free agency), he scored a home run to equalize the action for three runs in a game. Touch by two.

The rest of the story is known.

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But what is probably not well known is the legal opportunity to summon a player to the World Baseball Classic by an imaginary Cuban team. The rules of the competition, in one of its eligibility clauses, predict whether a player who was a parent or a citizen of the country is eligible. So, in good Cuba, where does the water go into the coconut?

Kikke’s mother and wife of Don Enrique Hernandez is a native of Greater Antilles, which gives the player the opportunity to be called up by Cuba. Manica Gonzalez is her name and Puerto Rican first appeared on her social networks during the 2017 World Baseball Classic at Dodger Stadium.

Of course, this opportunity is remote, the player with deep Puerto Rican roots refuses to give body and soul to his own Puerto Rican, and he already won the silver medal at the same event in 2017.

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