Announce the opening of a new space to help displaced families | Video | Univision 21 Fresno KFTV

and at the same time they offer themservices under the same teagivemaía: the ash missionannounced that they will expand …household members live inour communities and theproblem has increasedsignificantly duringpandemic.families like maía’sface a crisis ofeviction housing, shesays that the house you rent, thesold the owner and nowhe has nowhere to go.and prevent families fromseparate the goal from this newdraft.>> what we want to do ishelp people who don’t haveliving place.families that havechildren, + maía: the center willoperate in a building with theability to help morefamilies and offer you moremeans.we are going to have a school,we are going to have a building wherepeople can live andfamiliesMaya: goodbye, a cynic,a janitor, a tub offood, resources for peoplewith addiction and more is possiblethanks to 20 differentnon-profit organizationsprofit you hope to helpaddress the issue of homelessness andtemporary services arecompletely free and withoutHowever the housing crisis andthe family in needcontinues to increase and the goalis and still is to attack thefamilies from the streets.get families out ofstreets.funds available by thecity ​​of ash for thepeople who want help withthe rent and the applicationyou can find on the pageweb that appears on the screen.>> to stay there in thestreet, since we don’t have onerent, we will have to

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