You will be fined if you smuggle them

In Romania, whether we are talking about surprise or delight, you will think that it is not possible to have ginder eggs. But in other countries the situation is completely different. Especially when it comes to that kinder surprise.

Kinder Surprise is a combination between the “sweet one” and the joy of discovering a new toy every time. It is very popular in Romania, even if the manufacturer tries to offer the Joy version with another chocolate blend. However, when it comes to the US, the situation is very strange: Kinder Surprise is considered the most dangerous product for children. Canada, by comparison, does not apply the same rule.

What’s even more bizarre is that someone tried to “smuggle” the kinder surprise eggs. They gave their children 10 eggs. These friends came back to the United States from Canada. They were found at the border, confiscated and fined $ 12,000 (200,200 per egg). Freedom.

In the heyday of smuggling 2011, border officials found more than 60,000 eggs.

In 2017, as he mentions Evening standard, The reintroduction of ginder eggs is discussed. This is not really a surprise, it is a pleasure. That is, instead of holding a chocolate egg, with a container inside the toy, you have two parts: one for the chocolate and one for the toy. It should be safer for children than surprising.

The return of eggs to stores took place about 40 years after it was banned. No, they are not exactly original.

Kinder Surprise and the way it was built
Kids are happy
Kinder Joy and the way the dessert component and toy are separated

Surprising and dangerous for children

U.S. officials have banned surprise eggs on the grounds that they are dangerous to children. They know it’s made of chocolate, but you can put it all in your mouth without thinking about the plastic pieces inside. It can lead to suffocation, which is why Joy is allowed, but Surprise is still banned and importing is illegal.

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Under U.S. law, it is prohibited to sell any food containing a toy or object that cannot be eaten. So, the US put them on the list of banned products, but they are sold in Mexico or Canada and many other countries, including Romania, where you have both surprise and delight.

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