Another piece of paper! Real Madrid lose unbeaten record in Spain to La Liga – painful defeat against Espanyol for ten

Five days after the moderate pre-earthquake Sheriff TraspolWith a home defeat in the Champions League (2-1), Real Madrid suffered their first defeat of the season in La Liga in a recently promoted field. Spanish Barcelona (2-1), on the eighth day of this Sunday, are interim captain of the Spanish Championship.

Men Carlo Ancelotti, Who have not won in their last three games, have conceded a goal in each half. With a center cut to the first post, with the former Madridista Raul de Tomas As the protagonist (17), then by a solo ride Alex Vidal (61), before the French Kareem Benzema Minimize differences (71).

Goal from home (1-1)

Goal from Benzema (2-1)

The defeat saw the Whites lose 25 games unbeaten in the local championship as they have not lost since January 30th.

In this way, the white team is left with 17 points, which fits above Athletes From Madrid He won 2-0 against him Barcelona Saturday. The Meringos are on goal difference at first, but if they win today against Getafe, Real Sociedad could be knocked out because they will reach 19.

The Real Madrid Had to play against Sunday 17th Athlete Bilbao, But the game was postponed, so he has to step back into the league until October 24th Barcelona The first classic of the season.

It lived by the minute of Essexol vs Real Madrid –

The game ends: Real Madrid stumbled again and lost 1-2 to Espanyol! The click was scored by Royal de Tomas and Alex Vidal, Benzema did it for the meringues,

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Minute 90 + 4: Whites waste a corner kick and their last chance.

Minute 90 + 2: Real Madrid go over Espanyol but not specified. The Catalans are retreating well.

Minute 90: A five-minute discount is included at Cornelius in Barcelona.

Minute 83: Eden Hazard scored a huge goal on Benzema’s pass, but it was out of place. This is Belgium’s best goal with meringues.

Minute 80: Without risk in Real Madrid. The Whites turn a team attack on the field but do not let the victory slip.

Minute 72: Vinicius exits and Eden enters danger. Ancelotti has already burned four changes.

Minute 70: The real Madrid cry! Alaba’s ball shot to Luka Jovic, who brought the ball down with quality in the middle of the counter-attack, was given to the facing Benzema, who removed a score and dismissed it in the second post. 2-1 at Cornell,

Minute 63: Embarba apologizes for the third and is saved by a real Madrid hit! The Espanyol player finished his arm wide against the Belgian goalkeeper.

Minute 61: Changes in goals are coming. Cruz and Motric leave and Casimiro and Jovic enter.

Minute 59: Crazy at Cornell! Escanol hits for a second day from Exparcelona, ​​Alex Veital and Real Madrid 2-0 win! The winger runs through the midfield, creating a tube for Nacho on a freeway to be alone in front of Courtois and failing.

Minute 56: Real Madrid dominate but miss gaps. This continues without creating risk before the withdrawal espanyol.

Minute 50: Another Milito title from a set that goes very close to the post!

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The plugin starts: Rodrigo is coming to his place in Camawinga Real Madrid.

Minute 45 + 1: The first half ends. Espanyol play an impeccable game and go out with a goal from Royal de Tomas with a 1-0 lead at half time against Real Madrid

Minute 40: The good ball from Alaba’s late free kick spins well to Mildavo but does not go towards the goal.

35 minutes: Real Madrid travels against the current on the competitive field. It does not locate places and does not create danger. Espanyol retreats and constantly threatens counter-attack.

Minute 29: The white team is very embarrassed and loses all fights in the middle ground. Those with Ancelotti miss Casemiro a lot.

Minute 23: Long-term ownership of Espanyol integrated into the competitive sector. Real Madrid could not find its best version.

Minute 16: Eschenol’s cry! An accurate move by the Catalan team, a big escape from the left side of the embassy, ​​made a deadly cross that only Royal de Tomas was able to connect after he had beaten Alaba in the race. The Parrots beat Real Madrid 1-0.

Minute 13: In an attempt to get Tacito de Vinicius out of the area, the ball is left to Benzema, who ends up very compelling and centered after he scores several points.

Minute 10: Emberpa attacks Kamawinka and acquires an early yellow color.

Minute 8: Espanyol come alive and plan a promising counter-attack with a long Real Madrid possession! Emporra, with a thread, takes a good shot that deflects the Cordois corner.

Minute 3: Effect of high pressure meringue springs. Benzema makes a mistake in rival defense and ends the play on a shot from the Frenchman by the hands of Diego Lopez.

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The game begins: Real Madrid and Espanyol are already playing in Barcelona on the eighth day of the Spanish league. Kamawinga is surprising as a starter.

8:10 a.m .: Troops jump into Catalan field. The anthem of Espanyol is heard in Cornelius.

After a disappointing midweek performance, he was defeated by moderate Sheriff Traspole in the Champions League. Real Madrid Wants to recover on his arrival Espiol Continued as full leader in the Spanish League.

The match for Day 8 will be played at the stadium Cornell From Barcelona, The house of the parrots, which ranks sixteenth in the general table, they have won only once in the season.

The meeting starts at 8:15 am and will air on Sky Sports.

Confirmed arrangements

Spanish: Diego Lopez; Oscar Gill, Caprera, Sergey Gomez, Petrosa; Blank, Melendo; Alex, Embarba, Tartar; RTD.

Real Madrid: Cortis; Lucas, Milito, Nacho, Alaba; Valverde, Motrick, Cruz, Camawinka; Vinicius and Benzema.

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