The left and center join for the first time in marches against Bolzano

Exactly one year after the presidential election, the Left and Central parties called for the first time against President Jair Bolzano, mobilizing thousands of Brazilians in at least 250 cities across the country and abroad this Saturday.

The demonstrations were called by at least 21 political parties, ten union centers and dozens of social movements, including landless and homeless, mainly in large cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Popular in Brazil and Poe Chem Meadow (Fearless People).

Although the march was dominated by red flags of left-wing groups, those at the center led by the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) joined for the first time. Former President Fernando.

Although the organizers tried to give the demonstrations a dominant character and welcome the militants from the center, the majority did not hide their desire to lead former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Bolsanaro’s main political rival and all. Great advantage of them.

According to a recent poll, the Socialist leader, with the aim of getting 44% of the vote, will defeat Bolsanaro (26%) unnecessarily in the second round, agreeing that he should be re-elected without any other candidate exceeding 10% of support.

The parties at the center and the most moderate right, therefore, are looking for a third way and potential candidate to put an end to the current political radicalization in Brazil.

But the need to express their opposition and their complete rejection of the Bolsanaro government was strong this Saturday and brought together various sectors of the opposition.

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“It is necessary to seek the charge of dismissal and imprisonment of the culprit who rules us, so that we can re-discuss what matters: reducing employment, growth and inequality,” said Giro Gomez, who is running in the presidential election and participating in the Rio demonstration, overthrowing the country’s priority Bolsanaro, and then about the election. By clarifying what is thinking.

“Bolzano does not respect democracy and the constitution. He does not want elections because he knows he will be defeated if he is not removed soon. It is time for us to form a broad front and fight against fascism. We will talk and then the candidates,” he said. In Rio de Janeiro, the leader of the Communist Party of Brazil is Vice President Jandira Fecali.

Among the many demands of the various groups in different cities, the common goal that unites the left and the center is “out with Bolzano”, which signifies pressure from Congress to open an indictment against the head of state. He was charged with various crimes and misdemeanors.

They joined the struggle against high unemployment, which affects more than 14 million people; Against inflation, it threatens purchasing power to exceed 8% per annum; Against the government’s anti-environmental rhetoric and the rise in hunger, images of people fighting for discarded bones by Rio supermarkets shocked the nation this week.

Another demand that unites the various sectors is the struggle against the government’s denial of the Govt epidemic, which has made Brazil one of the worst-hit countries with more than 597,000 deaths and more than 21.4 million epidemics.

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Large signs branding Bolsanaro a “genocide” were displayed at almost every demonstration.

Unlike previous left-wing-led marches, which were completely dominated by red flags, these Saturday’s demonstrations featured the presence of numerous green and yellow flags in Brazil, which became a symbol of the Polsonarists, to begin to change what opposition fighters wanted.

“This flag belongs to the people of Brazil, and we will not allow militants and pseudo-patriots to be abducted,” said Clarice Copett, 58, an accountant who waved the Lula Labor Party flag in Sao Paulo and walked over to a man. )

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