You should not place it horizontally

Who did not despair from time to time to to pack. And above all, when you return, having already enjoyed those restless vacation days. On the way out, things may go flawlessly, but on the way back everything becomes complicated. Thank God that today there are social networks, that space in which hundreds of tricks and tips roam, and although many of them may not work, others can help us. Like this one from TikTok, which Guaranteed to save space in your bag.

“Let's check if the clothes take up less space than when we arrived on a trip,” begins the creator of this trick and posted it on the popular social network. Usually, when we get to work, We usually put the bag on top of the bed Or on the floor horizontally and start putting clothes and more clothes. There are many tips on how best to make each piece take up as little space as possible.

The most common way to pack a suitcase is to lay clothes horizontally. However, in this way our clothes are always open and therefore take up more space than they should and where they belong. So maybe The trick is to put our adventurous ally on her feet.

Thus lies the secret that this Tiktok reveals to us Place the bag vertically against the wall Putting clothes on top of each other is that simple. Halfway through the video, the user claims that she is very unhappy with her figure, but when she puts all the clothes away, she notices that there is more space in the L shape that can fit more clothes.

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Immediately the video reached more than a million Likes More than 2,000 comments, and it went viral. “Check it out and let me know,” says the post user. After that, many users wanted to check if it is true that in this way more pieces of clothing fit. Indeed, this is the case. Many have confirmed that this simple trick works. So, for the next trip, you already know what you need to do: put the suitcase upright, leaning against the wall, and start packing clothes.

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