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ALMERÍA- CienciAlmería is a space for the dissemination of science, knowledge and values, in an enjoyable form, which arise from the conviction of all persons involved in the project of the importance of conveying the importance of prioritizing knowledge, reason and critical spirit in decision-making to each of the citizens of which it is composed, therefore, we are fully aware of our freedom to Choice, and move away from dogmas, extremism and calls not to think or question.

Thus, with the aim of bringing science and critical thinking closer to society at large, we are launching the CienciAlmería publishing platform, which begins with the first day of 11 entertaining 10-minute mini-talks, about what we know how to do in Almería and the people of Almería.

In this first edition, conferences will address the areas of technology, information, biotechnology, and people management. The conference will take place on April 23, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, with free admission, in the assembly hall of the Archaeological Museum of Almería, so that at the end of the morning we can all do it. See examples of how the application of a way of thinking and acting on the basis of knowledge by specific people, has generated knowledge and applications, in this case from Almería or implemented in Almería, resulting in an improvement in the state of well-being of society in general.

CienciAlmería is a non-profit social project, born thanks to the selfless contribution of all professionals who will share with society, in each edition, their knowledge and experience, contributing their time and effort. In addition, we would like to thank the Archaeological Museum of Almería, Almería City Council, the Center for Research in the Mediterranean for Economics and Sustainable Development (CIMATES) and Almería Trending for their cooperation in making this event possible.

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