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Minute 90 + 3: At the end of the match, Real Madrid beat Alves 3-0 thanks to goals from Asencio, Vinicius and Benzema. The Whites are still in first place with 57 points.

90 + 1 min: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Real Madrid, Benzema won 3-0 against Alaves through a penalty spot.

Minute 90: Penalty in favor of Real Madrid. Wrong on Rodrigo.

Minute 84: Real Madrid 2-0 Always.

Min 79: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Real Madrid, Vinicius Karim converted it 2-0 after Benzema’s best, he sent a low cross and was defined from the Brazilian right.

Minute 77: Benzema hits the ball to the post after playing a big wall with Vinicius.

Minute 74: Carvajal and Pacheco’s powerful right arm saves Alaves again.

Minute 67: Benzema forgives each other with Pacheco.

Minute 66: Unsatisfied with Asencio’s goal, Madrid continued to attack.

Minute 62: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO from Real Madrid, Marco Asensio takes a brutal left leg and puts the Whites to victory against Alaves.

Minute 61: The biggest mistake was Madrid’s exit and Alves scored 1-0.

Minute 58: The center of Asencio and Casemiro were well controlled and took a powerful shot, but it went high. Sorry Madrid.

Minute 54: UUUFFF … Vinicius’ best move, but Pacheco saved with his foot, then dropped the ball to Benzema, who finished first, but saved on an all-around defender line.

Minute 52: Rioja beat Cordois at speed, he started late and Alaves narrowly scored the first goal.

Minute 46: The second half starts at the Bernabeu, with Real Madrid looking for three points to position themselves at the top of the Spanish league.

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45 minutes: At the end of the first half, Real Madrid drew with the Spanish league against Alves.

Minute 42: Now Modric just took the left foot, but it went into Pacheco’s hand.

Minute 40: Left-footed shot by Fedo Valverde into the side of Pacheco’s goal by Alaves goalkeeper.

Minute 37: Louis Rioja features a powerful left leg taking Cordois. Dangerous game against Real Madrid.

Minute 32: Valverde drove heavily from the right wing in a counter-attack, but the Uruguayan made a mistake on the last pass.

Minute 28: Top shot by Federal Valverde.

25 minutes: In the beginning Casimiro’s terrible mistake was on the penalty spot and Jason, an Alves player, sent the ball to the stand.

Minute 21: Kareem Benzema’s free kick goes wide of the post.

Minute 16: Real Madrid 0-0 Always.

Minute 12: Fedo Valverde lost one-on-one with the goalkeeper. He tried on a hat, but it was too hard to attach.

10 min: Asencio’s loose shot ended in the hands of the Alaves goalkeeper.

Minute 9: Real Madrid takes the initiative in the match. Alves is waiting in his field.

Minute 8: Mildavo’s header, but could not get the ball into the goal. First important announcement from Madrid.

Always: Pacheco; Tenaglia, Miazga, Lejeune, Duarte; Thomas Bina, Escalante; Jason, Loom, Louis Rioja and Jocelyn.

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