Victoria lost to Motagua and returned to the National League; Gonzalo Klusener defined the match – ten

Victoria Couldn’t happily return Honduras National League After a five-year absence, he struggled in the second division to return to the highest round of Honduran football. Motagua, With a tightness of 0-1, knocked them down Ziba.

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The game was entertaining but with some risky approaches. MotaguaIn fact, he took advantage of the only opportunity he had in the Argentine player’s boots Gonzalo Klusner, He scored the only goal of the game after deflection by defensive Jaipur.

Led by “Sato” Patilla They were the first to bring a shot of poison, but Motagua It was saved in 9 minutes. From there, until 36 ‘, it was the time when Blues’ goal fell, no big shocks.

The Blues player used a cross error in the lower zone Calolo Palacios Put first. Walter Martinez He caught the ball, entered the area and saw only Klusener, who filtered the ball, which, with the help of Palacios’ error, was able to beat the ball into the goal. It was 1-0 at 36.

Victoria Got in trouble Motagua In the last minutes of the first half, they were embarrassed at the last touch. Damon Ramares Y Pedro Hernandez They kept it but their bids were sluggish and hands down Marlon Lycona.

Motago defeated Victoria with a goal from Argentina’s Gonzalo Klusener.

At the filling stage, the team of Capital handled the game easily. Dominoes, but without much risk on the cave of Colombia William Robleto. ‘Sado’ PatillaIn fact, he tried, because he sent his best weapons from the bench to the field; Marcelo Canales placeholder image, Rodolfo Espinal, Walter Chavez And coffee grower Andres Renteria.

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Sebino promoted it, but is a newcomer in his 75s Kenny Botan He stopped in an area of ​​the pitch where there was no danger Victoria. It had been dangerously beaten before Christopher Melandes And arbitrator Oscar Moncada He did not hesitate to kick him out of the game. The locals got 10.

In 77 the Central Arbitrator pardoned Victoria. He did not allow a clear sentence in his favor Motagua. Roberto Morera He passed and the ball hit his hand Calolo Palacios, Who hid her fast but disappeared and Aberdeo continued on his way.

About hours Victoria They came over it, but they could not. The last clear was in the power of the feathers after the progress of the right field “Muma” Carlos Fernandez, Centered on someone else’s center, after coming to the left Omar Elvir, He took a shot at grass level, but Robleto avoided a second fall on his goal and the game was finally 0-1 Motagua When returning to the first place Victoria.

Victoria Datasheet – Modagua

August 11, 2021. Second day of National League opening

(0) Victoria – William Robledo; Kelly Senteno, Kenny Botan, Carlos Palacios, Marlon Flores; Pedro Hernandez (Marcelo Canales 66 ‘), Damon Ramras, Darwin Sanchez (Andres Renteria 66’), Edgar Cabrera (Rodolfo Espinal 66 ‘), Alexi Vega and Edwin Alvarez (Walter Chavez 66’ / ‘Manor

Replace: Pablo Alvarez; Milton Nice, Miguel Fonseca, Oscar Chuvaso, Walter Lapresti, Marcelo Canales, Rodolfo Espinal, Carlos Matteo, Manor Cologne, Walter Chavez, Yosimer Martiaca, Andres Renteria.

Goals: Not there.

Yellow cards: Damon Ramares, Kelly Senteno.

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Red cards: Kenny Botan (75 ‘)

(1) MOTAGUA – Marlon Ligona; Omar Elvir, Marcelo Pereira, Fabricio Calindo, Juan Raman Gomez (Carlos Fernandez 79 ‘); Jason Sanchez, Jesse Moncada (Wesley Decas 79 ‘), Mathias Calvallis (Juan Delcado 79’), Walter Martinez (Christopher Melandes 67 ‘); Gonzalo Klusner (Evan Lopez 67 ‘) and Roberto Morera.

Replace: Hugo Caballero; Carlos Melandes, Christopher Melandes, Marcelo Santos, Brainer Martiaca, Wesley DiCas, Juan Engel Delcado, Jonathan Nias, Carlos Fernandez Yostin Obonto, Evan Lopez.

Goals: Gonzalo Klusner (36 ‘)

Yellow cards: Jason Sanchez, Jesse Moncada, Walter Martinez.

Red cards: Not there.


Ground: Sebino, La Ziba

Referee: Oscar Moncada

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