With the double goal of Barranquilla, Gali defeated the Nationals and became the leader of the team

Deportivo Cali, under the baton of the great Teófilo Gutiérrez, gave a great concert at its Palmaseka ground last night, which was worthy of the pre-show time and in front of more than 25 thousand fans.

The sugar makers defeated Group A weight rival National 3-1, with Dio’s doubles and another Herald Presiado leading the area with 7 points and taking another step towards the final goal.

Deportivo was not surprised to be empty as he was left with a lesser man in red in 28 minutes for Darwin Andrade.

The Dudamel team advanced against a chaotic rival, hitting the right shots at the right time and had a great victory.

The first half was very tough, with many frictions, due to the weight of the court, the penalty was allowed very quickly, one player was injured and another was sent off.

In the 6th minute, referee John Hinestrosa, after appealing to the VAR, allowed a penalty kick to an elbow by Danovis Banquero in Jorge Marciglia.

Three minutes later Harல்ll Presiado charged and beat Altair Quintana 1-0 with a shot to the center.

Felipe Aguilar missed out on a national injury in the 20th minute, and when the game resumed, Deportivo Gali embraced a second time at the feet of Johan Valencia.

The spectator came close with a Christian Castro shot from midfield in the 22nd minute, sent off a corner kick by goalkeeper Guillermo de Amores, and in the 23rd ‘Rifle’ Andrade tested the reflections of the sugar goal.

With a powerful shot from Harold Presiado the vacancy was able to increase to 24, which Quintana was able to neutralize. While in control of the local game, in the 28th minute, Darwin Andrade was sent off for beating Brian Rovira.

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Empty retreat with a short time used counter-attack, always planned by Teófilo Gutiérrez. But the tie was scored by 39 runs by National Dorlan Babon.

The first half would have been a win for the quarter if Andres Colorado had not failed, with an incredible chance after extra time, Teófilo Gutiérrez’s excellent qualification.

Goals are love
In addition, Deportivo Galli, though a lesser man, played nationally without campuses.

Sugarcane workers searched the Altair Quintana bow and found it without many obstacles. At the age of 66, Diofillo left defender Christian Castro 2-1, defining Aldair Quintana’s perfect post and unleashing madness on Palmaseka.

At 74, Deportivo converted a free kick 29-1 with a cross from the same Barranquilla striker Kevin Velasco and a header from Harold Presiado.

With a comfortable win, he allowed the Nation to empty to spend, and when he had the ball he handed it to the host Teófilo Gutiérrez, who sang an unforgettable melody at Sugar Stadium that he will never forget the empty fans.

Now Deportivo is preparing to travel to Medellin with the idea of ​​facing a vacant national and reaching the Grand Final of the Colombian league and reaching three more points.

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