“You inspired us to sing at Isla Bella”

Twins Good faithA sympathizer of the regime, he did not miss an opportunity to attack the singer Yotuel RomeroCommenting on the group’s release of a concert they gave in the Spanish city of Cáceres Before a very small number of followers.

“We don’t have a big audience in Spain. We’ve always played modest venues. It’s not a shame. Why do you make us sing so much? Beautiful island? Because you know you need us there,” Buena Fe wrote in a comment on her official Twitter account. Facebook.

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His response echoed the words of a former member of the Orishas, ​​who had commented: “Manolo’s bar”, a sarcasm, refers to the place. Israel Rojas And Yoel Martinez They presented themselves in front of twenty people.

“You’re a machine to bill others. That’s why you had dinner with Cuban high officials, until you realized that the fame and fortune of your sick ego joined the policy of your country’s occupier”, the official duo.

However, the controversy did not stop there. Yotuel replied, “I see how much hatred is in your heart by saying (Manolo’s bar). I hope God will help you heal all that despair.”

And Buena Fe, not sitting idly by, attacked: “Desperation? Happiness is something else for us. Keep doing your thing, move forward. We never went to your profiles to look for anything. I hope you’re good at music. Cheers “.

Yotuel, for his part, made it clear that he “makes songs in the history of my country and works well. You will never know it, I leave you with your dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez who will protect you. I have the Cuban people. Who loves me”.

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The musician sparked the latest controversy with the Guantanamo duo after three of their concerts in the Iberian country were cancelled. Spain did not ban it Good faith entered their territory as Castro ruled Celia Cruz.

Yoduel, one of the creators of “Patria y Vida”, commented that “the dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez’s good taste in music represents a false trust with his people”, referring to the Cuban ruler’s defense against the two. conflicting about Government support to musicians.

Invited to Spain to participate in Spanish Communist Party (PCE) events, Buen Fay has served as the regime’s spokesperson at various latitudes.

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