You forgot about Parsia! Neymar Jr. explains the reasons for his renewal with PSG

Neymar Jr. Signed in big surprise over the weekend Renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until the summer of 2025, With the option of one more season. Related Brazil in recent months F.C. Possibility to return to Barcelona Due to his desire to meet Leo Messi, he was tired of waiting for the Bara team and stayed at the Bar்கa de los Princips to continue the ‘fight’ for the goal of winning the Champions League.

Brazil is very happy with his decision to continue playing for PSG, and after signing his new contract, he explained to the Parisian team on television how he feels and the reasons that led him to sign the contract. “The truth is, I’m glad to be here for many more years, to participate in the club’s program, to win titles, to achieve our biggest dream of a Champions League. In short, I’m glad to be staying at the club, to be a part of the club’s history and to renew my contract. “‘Ghee,’ he said.

He reaffirmed that he was comfortable in Paris, revealing the reasons that led him to sign a new contract, “The first reason I made this decision was because of the joy and happiness of being a part of this team“In turn, another reason that led him to take a step forward,” he clarified. All of these things make you plan even more. “

“I think I’ve progressed as a person, as a human being, as a player.”

He has been faithful to how his life has changed since he came to Paris four years ago, “I have learned a lot. Things that should not have happened have happened. We had wars, some sad moments, but the evolution within the club has been powerful. I think I have progressed as a person, as a human being, as a player. “

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Big destination in Paris

PSG It is close to winning the Champions League in the last two seasons. The previous year, they had lost to Bayern Munich by a minimum in the final, while this season they were eliminated by Pep Cardiola’s Manchester City in the semi – finals. However, the main purpose is to raise ‘Oregona’ in Paris and they will not rest until they reach it.

That was Neymar’s goal for the team’s media, “my goal when I came to Paris Saint-Germain”. To put the club first in the best, we are getting closer, To accumulate more and more experience to resist this type of game, to learn how to play Champions League. We are on the right track, we are getting closer to our goal, and here we feel more and more the desire to win the Champions League. I hope we can do it, “he said.

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