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Earlier this week, the United States announced a surprise move: banning dogs from entering the country for the first time or returning to the area after spending time outside.

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It was commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for short) to control rabies outbreaks. This is because the vaccine against this virus is affected by a variety of factors, including infection.

The measure, which will take effect on July 14, will affect more than 100 countries, including Colombia, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua. , Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

There are other types of regulations in countries that prohibit the entry and / or sale of dogs.

Ann Australia Togo Argentino, Fila Brasilro, Japanese Dosa, Bresa Canarios or American Pit Bulls and Terriers are banned from entering.

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In some states Canada There are laws on pit bulls. As for Manitoba, with the exception of pit bulls and terriers, Togo Argentino enters the ban list.

According to the Magnet portal, the restrictions are similar for Europe. The United Kingdom considers it illegal to possess pit bull terriers, Argentine bulldogs, Japanese cough and Brazilian teams. For its part, there are Balkan or Russian shepherds in Denmark.

Ann Finland Wolf (wolf-dogs) are prohibited. In the case Spain and France They are not prohibited, but have permits and strict regulations for roadwheels, pit bulls or various Mastiffs. And inside Italy There are laws banning 92 breed dogs.

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