Seiko Perez accepts the qualifying defeat. “We were able to stay 1-2”

Sergio Seco Perez pointed out that he did not make a good fold and that it would cost him one tenth of the second place finish to qualify on the Paul Ricard.

Mexican pilot Seco Perez, when he qualified, regretted the last lap French Grand Prix, He pointed out that the mistake he made prevented the team Red bull Occupy the first two levels of the stage.

Sergio Seco Perez qualified for fourth place with a time of 1: 30.445 In the third field of Circuit Paul Rickard he pointed out that it would be two tenths faster if he did not make a mistake.

“I went a little straight to Turn 12 and lost time, enough for a second start. I think it did not reach Max, but we could have been 1-2, ”he told the media.

“I think we have shown a good pace throughout the qualification, there has been progress. Going into Q3 was very comfortable for me. Unfortunately, I did not perform at all on my two laps at all,” the Guadalajara native told the media.

During the first chance to qualify, Seiko Perez talked about losing power to his machine. “I lost a lot of power from Turn 9 on the first try, which cost me a lot of time. Then, secondly, I made a mistake on the 12th turn, so yes, not putting the best fold will cost me a lot,” he said.

Despite this situation, Seko Perez, who won the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, said he was confident in the team’s strategy. “We are fully focused on the race and we have the best strategy.”

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Seco Perez mentioned his adaptation on the RB16B board and the progress he had made in qualifying, but acknowledged that his best moment was still in the race. “Every time I drive a car, I learn that when I experience low fuel load and all that, it gets better and better for me. I have no doubt that the strongest point for me at this time is racing speed, so I hope I will be very strong tomorrow. We have to have a good fight on stage tomorrow, ”he said.

This is Seko Perez’s best qualification in the Paul Rickard circuit, In 2018 it was classified as thirteenth and in 2019 as fourteenth. Since his best performance was two years ago and he finished 12th, the Czech will still be looking for his best career.

Lewis Hamilton Took second place Voltaire Botas He will start in third place and fight directly with Seco Perez in the second row. Both the Red Bulls and Mercedes will start the race with a mid-tire combination, so we expect the first time as much as possible to avoid being downgraded.

However, Perez is one of the best in terms of rubber management, so the team can try to extend its initial position beyond what it can do with Mercedes Botas and Hamidon. In this way, Red Bull will try to cut over, a strategy that has worked for them in both Monaco and Baku.

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