You can see a meteor shower this weekend – Metro Puerto Rico

The Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC) reports that meteors will be visible from Puerto Rico over the next few nights.

“As part of our planet’s journey around the Sun, we pass through a patch of debris previously ejected by comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, so many meteors are visible on these nights. Earth’s encounter with the particles causes them to enter our atmosphere at 133,000 miles per hour, creating the meteor shower. ” said the SAC.

Although they are called the Perseids because they originate from the constellation Perseus, “the good news is that you don’t have to look at a specific part of the sky because meteors appear anywhere. The sky.”

When can you see more?

Although many experts have made different calculations about when to see the most, SAC highlights that the entire weekend, ie Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday, and more are likely to be seen. Sunday to Monday.

what is the time?

While some can be seen between 11:00 pm and dawn, the institute points out that the most likely sightings are between 3:00 am and 5:00 am.

According to the SAC, one of the best strategies for viewing meteors is to use a reclining chair or observe from a comfortable position on the ground, covering a wide area of ​​the sky with your eyes. Naturally, the darker the place, the higher the probability of appreciating them.

“Some people see very little or none at all because they make the mistake of trying to see them while standing still and from well-lit areas, but if you follow the recommendations, you can actually see a lot.” The organization said.

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A video captured by SAC shows that last year’s Perseids allowed us to observe some remarkably bright ones, while the moon’s current phase, a much dimmer light, suggests that these meteors will be better visible this year.

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