You can now send messages offline through the WhatsApp web!

Internet users will definitely be impressed with the new functionality they have started WhatsApp WebWith this new advantage, you can send messages without internet connection.

The popular app is one of the most used, thanks to the ease with which you can use it so far, even though it already has many powers, they have not yet been able to “snatch the throne”.

First Share Has released its version for use on our computer or laptop has become even more popular, who and women too Celebrities We use it without any fear and in every update and upgrade we see functions that make it easy to use.

As technology advances, users will no doubt make new and more striking apps, precisely adapting WhatsApp to get any improvements. Processor, Especially WhatsApp Web Used as part of the work tool in some companies today.

Recently, tasks have been done so that in the desktop version you can send messages without being connected to the internet, which enables you to enable this function, even if the phone is not running from the internet or data you know very well. You need to have your phone connected to the computer using the scanned code before launching the WhatsApp web.

Of course it will be easier to use the tool, so far it has been announced that Facebook is also developing a beta version so that a small group can test the new tools that will be launched on WhatsApp.

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This information was shared on the Twitter account WABetaInfo, Users will be informed that a beta version will be launched, some will start testing this new functionality, the release was shared on March 19th, and although it has received little response from internet users many of the respondents are eager to know to try this new functionality.

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The program that will be launched will be for iOS and Android users, and if you want to know more about it, you should know about the WABetaInfo account, where they will soon share more details.

Some users who commented on the release are skeptical about this new feature, while others are asking to allow other devices that are not in beta to participate so that those who try them are not able to ruin the app experience.

According to the portal, it is said to be the users who use it Beta They can use up to four computers to test this new functionality.

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For Android, devices must have version higher than 4.0.3, for iOS, these devices will no longer have WhatsApp, so we recommend that you take your precautionary measures.

  • IPhone 4S
  • IPhone 2 and 3
  • IPod Mini1
  • IPod Touch 5G

Unfortunately, as technology advances, do device updates and all the technologies known so far, so we have to consume new ones in terms of technology.

WhatsApp has produced more surprises for us than ever before.

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