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Through publications on social networks, different Official Accounts of Departments United States Police They shared their concerns about NameDrop, a new feature on the iPhone and Apple Watch. As a warning, those who have activated the system could be vulnerable to giving out their data to anyone they meet in public.

The feature was added in the iOS 17 update and allows iPhone owners to exchange contact information by bringing their devices together.. Basically, by bringing the two phones together users can share the information they have added to the Contacts app. If both agree, data such as name, photo, phone number and email will be synced depending on what each includes.

US Police Warn About New iPhone Feature NameDrop

Through Facebook posts, Police in Crenshaw County, Alabama shared an announcement about the feature. In that post, officials also pointed out that the tool was activated by default This would allow any stranger to bring their iPhone near a minor’s cell phone and obtain their information automatically. With this in mind, they recommend being careful and disabling the functionality on your phones.


Police in Middletown, Ohio also wrote something similar on their Facebook account. In the same vein as above, US county officials have asked adults to disable the feature on their children’s devices For safety.

How NameDrop works, the iPhone feature has been pointed out by the police

Beyond the caveats, NameDrop may not work properly as described in these cases, according to information released by Apple at the time of launch. To exchange information, the devices must be very close to each other, almost in contact. In addition, the user will receive a notice before sharing information and must actively choose to do so, which cannot be terminated automatically.

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