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There was a new show this Monday. ““And marked by the challenges of different competitors. However, there was one section that surprised the audience and those who attended the show: harsh criticism Against Steven Mercado, impersonator In fact.

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Steven Gilberto challenged the Santa Rosa impersonator and during his turn he sang “Un Vino, Una Beer”. However, he did not trust the arbitral tribunal and, above all, Maori Stern, who was seen with confusion.

“I can not say Steven, Pedro Suarez. That would really be wrong on my part. not like that. Tuning, very painful. No color or wood. You selected an easy song and it went wrong. Forgive me for telling you, no, it’s really a disaster. The only thing I stopped by was getting out. For Gilberto Santa Rosa in this situation it is neither fair nor worthy. It’s not even close, ”the former magnet initially promised.

After that, Janic Macetta and George Henderson tried to calm Maury down so as not to hurt Steven Mercado too much. As Stern continued to strike, even Christian Rivero calmed the situation with some success.

“We’ve seen the best champions. Steven should not have come. I’m also trying (…) to get what you want, but you really have to put your feet up. Know when you’re ready, when not,” he said.

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It should be noted that the arbitral tribunal voted in favor of continuing the Gilberto Santa Rosa impersonator race and that Pedro Suarez Verdis was eliminated from the competition in “I: The Great International Wars”.

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