Yanni Rosenthal attends an opposition meeting with Siomara Castro

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The Liberal Party presidential candidate Yani RosenthaL, attended an opposition meeting convened by the president this Monday Freedom and Reconstruction Party (free), Siomara Castro, To refine the first details of a possible party alliance for the November 28 general election this year.

Rosenthal arrived at a hotel in the capital with several members of his campaign team, where a meeting between liberals and independents was already taking place.

“People demand it, the math is clear, our coalition is outnumbered by the ruling party. This is our chance to make history,” Rosenthal wrote after the meeting on his Facebook account. Siomara Castro.

Earlier, the Liberal candidate said they had achieved the unity of the movement, “now the opposition coalition continues.” In addition, he promised that only in this way can a positive change be brought about for Honduras.


After the official results of the last primary election on March 14, the candidate Free Party, Siomara Castro, Summoned opposition leaders to form a new coalition to face National Party In the November general elections this year.

“We are going to unite with the former candidates of the Freedom Party. I invite you to start the dialogue between the opposition parties next Monday. So Rosenthal, Louis Zelaya, Salvador Nasrallah, Defeating the dictatorship and forming an alliance to rediscover the country, ”said the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya.

Do not notice Nasrallah and Montes

Chairman Salvador Party of Honduras (PSH), Salvador Nasrallah, The alliances needed for Honduras to be convened by the fair cast of the community, while Manuel Zelia insisted that he would not attend such an invitation.

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“In the coming days, we will extend a call to all Hondurans who wish to join the True and Better Solidarity Coalition.

For his part, Wilfredo Mundes, former candidate of the Free Honduras Internal Current of the Freedom and Reconstruction Party, Siomara said at the time that he would attend the meeting called by Castro, but this Monday he withdrew.

“I will not attend the meeting called by candidate Siomara Castro today because the initial circumstances in which we were summoned have changed.
This is a meeting for the approval of all opposition political leaders, “said Mundes.

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