Yanet Garcia defies censorship on Instagram with daring bras

Like the same fans, Janet Garcia, Integrated into digital platforms by Emotional photos She shared it because, as she did this Saturday when she posted a picture, she continues to show up in flirtatious outfits in your account Instagram with a She flaunted her figure in a daring braA. Along with this postcard, so is the TV celebrity He challenged the censorshipVery strict site with uploadable content category.

A young woman named “Weather Girl” De Hoy is one of the celebrities who started uploading content in the controversy exclusive content platform, They are in it Celia Lora, Suge Abrego and Kareli Ruiz. A native of Monterey, Nuevo Leon also uses her other social networks“Taste” that his fans can discover. Instagram is her favorite, because there she has accumulated about 14.8 million “followers”, who do not spare her some compliments.

The host is very popular on Fans Only IG @iamyanetgarcia

Yanet Garcia shines in flirty lingerie

This morning, the actress and TV host decided to start the weekend with a photo that impressed her fans as she posed from a chair. Collection of flirty underwear That It is designed with leather strapsIt gave a rough touch and reminded me of something dominantSince the material is widely used in a society that has this practice.

In the picture you can see her flirtatious outfit in detail Black pantyhose made of some ribbons, a top is designed in the same way. Similarly, he has a A type of garter belt tied around the waist And it reaches the height of the thighs, which gave him a very sensual style that drove his followers crazy. Meanwhile, pieces of clothing featured gold ornaments that contrasted with the dark color and gave a touch of elegance. Active wear.

Yannet Garcia shared a photo taken from the hotel with the caption “Good morning”.brooklyn bridge, located in New York City, where he has lived for some years. The picture didn’t go unnoticed by her fans, who within hours of posting it started posting comments like “beautiful”, “precious” and “good morning princess”, to name a few that could be read in hundreds of emojis. Flames and love faces

Yannet Garcia poses with @iamyanetgarcia in daring IG underwear

And that’s it Yanet She is one of the most detailed people in the art world, so every time she posts a photo showing off her curves, her fans are delighted. however, Sometimes their appearance is very dangerous They typically challenge the social network’s censorship, which is very strict about what users can share. However, that hasn’t stopped the Monterey native from showing off bikinis, bras and all-around beauty. Even transparent bodies like the ones she wore yesterday.

The model started by providing a weather forecast State peopleFor that he earned the title of “Weather Girl”. His popularity grew so much that he leapt through the hoi show on national television, where he won not only because of his charisma, but also because of his charisma and talent. Subsequently, Moved to America, where he started associating himself with fans Health Practitioner.

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