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There is nothing better for an artist than to be a prophet in his country. And this is exactly what it is Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo, Who recently experienced one of the most important nights of his career. Music success was a constant in his life and with the costumes of the public worshiping him, Camilo enjoyed the honey of the show in his country And win as he dreamed.

And that is all he has achieved Camilo and abruptly merged, That He could not hold back the tears During the aforementioned presentation in Colombia, it was finally marked back and forth in his life.

Camilo, the prophet in his country!

Camilo is enjoying his best phase Music career with just 27 years of life. Also, how could it be, the singer-songwriter appeared Movistar Stadium in Bogot, A place in his country as a winner, concert and music salesman, as well as award winner.

Putting all this in his context, Camilo was praised in the middle of the event, thus breaking his soul, he said He broke his heart and cried Thousands of people cheered him on.

Moving to sight, covering his face with his hand, he was able to see the most emotional side of the musician, who expressed his eternal love for Colombia.

Give an emotional message to your fans

Welcome and moved with him On his side is the EvaLuna couple, Camilo He acknowledged his passion with a message on social media that echoed the gratitude he has for those who support him.

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“I was never as nervous as I was when I sang above. Movistar Stadium in Bogot. With the desire to shout passionately to celebrate the accumulation of blessings in recent times, I was returning home to meet the family who were always waiting with open arms and eyes full of tears! ”Said Camilo.

Without further ado, he added words to his fans.

“Thanks to everyone who traveled from all over Colombia for this meeting. Ever since I took my first guitar and wrote my first songs, I have dreamed of traveling around the world showing my voice, which is nothing but the sound of my roots.

“And in the farthest of all cities, I’m always seen the Colombian flag at home in public. Thank you, for growing up with me and transforming me into myself!”

On top of that, he extended special thanks to the artists who accompanied him during his two concerts in Colombia.

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