Yanet Garcia: 3 Photos “Weather Girl” Challenges Instagram’s Censorship After Appearing Topless

Yanet Garcia He is on a long tablecloth because he turns 32 this November 14 She did it the best way: with friends who loved her selflessly. As expected, she shared some moments of her celebration on her social networks where she said her highlight Clothes Elegant and bright. A pie and a Peanut Short films The laminate made her look like a real princess.

Native Monterey, New the lion, filled with affectionate messages, because among his nearly 15 million followers on Instagram and the best people associated with him, no one missed the day. Everyone was showered with wishes through the photos of them appearing together. However, now she is already living condition joined Where is very happy Personal trainer.

from Yanet Garcia He decided to resign from his post “Weather Girl” And his life changed completely when he crossed the border to pursue his dreams (a lesson that many should consider). Although television doesn’t have the same projection as she used to, she has found the right place to thrive in social networks. He also decided to try Fans only Now she is one of the most sought after women and hence one of the best paid, so she has nothing to worry about.

Yanet Garcia celebrates her 32 years (Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia)

Yanet Garcia and her challenge to Instagram’s censorship

Despite being a friendly platform, with some rules, Instagram had to be watched closely Yanet Garcia, because on a few occasions she posted photos that challenged her censorship, but nothing happened because of how well-maintained and artistic they were. Usually, he always shows the results of his hard training with Tide LeggingsBut it does that too Bikini A heart attack that set the network on fire.

Yanet Garcia has caused trouble on Instagram with her photos (Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia)

The personal trainer and nutritionist has advertised through these types of publications to attract subscribers who are willing to pay $20 a month at the current exchange rate of about 386 Mexican pesos. It also has a solution for the undecided: it’s seen Topless (almost) to give them that push they’ve been crying out for. Now 32, the young lady is undoubtedly living a good time.

Yanet Garcia always takes care of her photos (Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia)
Yanet Garcia recommends her as a Christmas present (Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia)

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