Yalitza Aparicio breaks silence after controversial photo of Laura Boucini

  • Laura Pausini and Yalitsa Aparicio have recently been embroiled in controversy, due to a snapshot the singer shared on his social networks.
  • The photo, which allegedly used a bad filter hiding the Laura actress, quickly went viral and caused outrage on the web.
  • Yalitsa retweeted the publication on Instagram and assured that the photo shoot was non-discriminatory last Friday.

Users were launched against the Italian singer-songwriter Laura Boucini Because of the photo he shared on his page Yalitza AparicioFor that they called her racist *.

The criticism of users was brought forward due to a snapshot shared by the artist on networks for Latin Grammy 2022. Compared to this, it was realized with a filter that made the singer appear radiant with extra light. Aparicio, who is hidden by the “shadow”.

With this in mind, the “Roma” actress broke her silence and commented on it, as she reposted the post on her Instagram account despite showing that there was no problem.

At a meeting with journalists, Yalitsa was questioned about the situation that created outrage in the networks. In this regard, the actress assured that it does not matter to her what Internet users think on social networks.

In addition, Aparicio revealed that he has a hard crush on Laura: “I love Laura Boucini… I’m glad to be with her.”

Pressed by the press on whether he felt attacked by the ‘Amores Extranos’ translator, the Mexican pointed out that the meeting with him was actually different from what was said in the networks: “No, she’s a girl, she’s beautiful, she’s attractive, she imposes more presence, you know I’m less affected by what’s going on.”

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Yalitza Aparicio breaks silence after controversial photo of Laura Boucini

Finally, after being questioned about Tenoch Huerta’s initiative regarding the book and the issue of prejudice, Yalitza Aparicio responded that she was not currently considering publishing this kind of statement; However, he recognized the work of the Mexican actor.

“I love the idea that we’re always talking about the importance of not treating people differently because of their skin tone.Or not because of gender… We need to find stability in society”.

Yalitza Aparicio breaks silence after controversial photo of Laura Boucini

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