WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Results – Drew McIntyre wins and collects the briefcase, Damien Priest takes on Seth Rollins

WWE presented Money in the Bank on Saturday night from Toronto, Canada.

Drew McIntyre is the winner of Male Money in the Bank. The finish comes when Cable throws Knight against a ladder bridge set up at ringside. He looks like he's ready to grab the briefcase, but Jay pushes off the ladder and hangs it. Jay is about to grab the briefcase, but McIntyre stops him by throwing a ladder in his face. It knocked Jay. McIntyre was safe and grabbed the briefcase for the win.

Sami Zayn retained the Intercontinental Championship against the Brone Breaker. Zayn was in prime position to apply the Spear, but kicked Breaker in the head and ended the match with the Helluva Kick to retain the title.

Trish Stratus appeared on stage He asked if the fans were having fun that night. During the introduction he talked about his special moments at the Scotiabank Arena John Cena.

In his new “The Last Time is Now” uniform, Cena appeared to great reaction from the Toronto public.

Cena said he was here to officially announce his retirement from WWE. John admitted the reaction was mixed and questioned why he chose to announce his retirement here. “In my two decades in WWE, I've seen waves of prosperity and times of great hardship, where only the most dedicated fans stand behind you,” he said.

Highlighting Raw's move to Netflix, Cena said the farewell won't end tonight. He promised that he would be there and that Royal Rumble 2025, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 41 would be his last shows.

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Chyna told fans that she will be holding a press conference immediately after Money in the Bank to answer any questions about her upcoming retirement.

Damien Priest retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. During the Priest vs. Rollins match, McIntyre made good on his promise and attempted to cash in on his Money in the Bank deal. McIntyre took Rollins down with a Future Shock DDT and countered him with a claymore. Priest intercepts with a clothesline but is taken down by a kick that grazes him. McIntyre looks to finish off Priest but CM Punk hits McIntyre with a steel chair. He threw McIntyre and hit McIntyre several times with the chair. Punk saw the World Title and beat McIntyre with it. Satisfied with his work, Punk sits cross-legged on the announce table. Priest stood up and hit South of Heaven on a shocked McIntyre to get the win and retain the world title.

After the match, Rollins yelled at Punk for losing the World Title when Corey Graves tried to calm him down.

Tiffany Stratton won Women's Money in the Bank After removing Chelsea Green above.

Bloodline (Solo Chikowa, Tama Tonga and Jacob Fatu) defeated Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Kevin Owens. In the closing moments, Owens threw Tonga into the ring and tried to set him up for a package piledriver. Loa got Tonga back with a low blow on Owens, but he was eliminated with an RKO. Chikova applies the Samoan Spike to Orton. Rhodes caught Chikova with a Cross Rhodes but was stopped by Fado, who delivered a DDT to the WWE Champion. A Samoan spike from Chikoa to Cody is good enough for the win.

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