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Don't want to take you? This way you can avoid paying cancellation fees. Image: LR configuration/Wikipedia/Uber Ecuador

Among the mobile phone applications that provide taxi service, Uber It has positioned itself as one of the most used in the world. Thanks to this platform, millions of users can travel across the city using only their smartphones. This type of application offers certain advantages, such as knowing the identity of the taxi driver or sharing the trip you are taking with your trusted contacts for added security.

However, despite the benefits it provides, many users have reported a very frequent problem with Uber drivers: they accept the trip, but never come to pick them up and, on the contrary, move away from the starting point. This leads to the trip being cancelled and, consequently, To pay the cancellation fee. Why do drivers do this? In this note we will tell you and give you some options to avoid paying this amount.

Why don't taxi drivers accept the ride?

To understand this practice by taxi drivers, we must consider the situation in which they operate. Every time they receive a notification from a customer requesting a taxi service, Uber sends the driver information about where the trip will start and end, as well as the amount of the trip. Once you receive this notification, you will have time to decline or accept it. After that time, you will not be able to refuse to transfer the person, Because it means a penalty or affects their record.. Therefore, they chose to wait until the user cancels the flight. However, this brings another problem.

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If a long time has passed and the person decides to cancel the trip, they will have to pay a cancellation fee. Uber notes on its website that this is the case. “The amount charged to the user to pay the driver-partner for travel to the pickup location.”It should be noted that these fees will be imposed. “Depends on when the flight is cancelled”.

Due to these circumstances, it is possible that the taxi driver will head to the starting point, but after a short while he will start to go back or turn around, causing confusion for the user. After a while, if the user cancels, he will have to pay a cancellation fee.

How to avoid cancellation fees?

Regardless of the reasons why a taxi driver does not want to pick you up to start the trip, there are some actions that the user can take to avoid paying cancellation fees.

  • Use more than one application: If you start to notice that the taxi you ordered doesn’t want to come pick you up, there’s no need to cancel. In this case, it’s better to order the car through another mobile app. That way, when the taxi driver sees that you haven’t cancelled the ride, he’ll be forced to cancel it, saving you the cancellation fee.
  • Use a special card: When using a card as a payment method, Uber places a hold on the funds when requesting a ride. When there is a cancellation, the app usually takes a few days to refund the amount, which can be inconvenient for the user. Therefore, it is recommended to use only the linked card to pay for this transportation service.
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The 5 Key Points on Why Uber Drivers Won't Pick You Up

1. Taxi drivers Uber They accept rides and then walk away or circle around because they don't want to make the trip because of the distance, traffic, or destination.

2. If the user cancels the trip, he must pay a Cancellation fees.

3. To avoid paying cancellation fees, the user can wait until the taxi driver cancels the trip or use another taxi app.

4. Uber Does not always refund cancellation fees immediately.

5. There are other taxi apps available in Peru, such as: Didi, Indrive and Cabify.

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