Women’s World Cup Match Summary Mexico 0-1 United States Halftime

Get tickets 2023 World Cup Australia-New Zealand rematch, Mexico A miracle was needed and it seemed to happen in Nuevo Leon because Jamaica 4-0 down HaitiLeaving everything behind Women’s National Team Must win by one goal AmericaBut that didn’t happen.

That Monica Vergara They went undefeated for practically the entire match, so they ran out of time in the final half of the match when they tried to attack with one less player. VolcanoAnd in an oversight, the world champion opened the scoring in the 89′, for the final 1-0, killing the hopes of the Aztecs, who went blank in goals, losing all their games. CONCACAF W Championship.

Thus, Mexico is not the only one left out 2024 Paris OlympicsAny chance of 2023 World Cup.

A goalkeeper is key in keeping hope alive

You can’t see where, and 15′, Mexico was saved when Margaret controlled a ball inside the purse area and took her direct cross shot at the base of the second post; The tricolor lasted almost 20 minutes without going beyond half court.

Alicia Cervantes looked like she wanted to do more, and even on the counterattack she looked like she was creating danger, but no one was going forward with her.

In the 40th minute, goalkeeper Itzel Gonzalez saved a dangerous ball, but it was left to Sophia Smith, who had everything to hit the target, although her shot flew wide.

The second time it was taken corporate

At the start of the second half, Licha Cervantes had a dangerous ball in the area, but wanted to pass it to a teammate, and the ball left it far away from her.

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Jacqueline Ovalle entered in the 61′, but brought out Alicia Cervantes, which was not very popular, but put Tigres’ player on the field.

In the 63rd minute, Megan Rapinoe stepped in and created more danger, one of which from the left wing, just outside the area, missed the side of the goal.

With Jamaica already beating Haiti 3-0 in the other group game and Mexico needing two goals, there was an air of optimism; However, hopes seemed dead when a foul on the Jacqueline Oval at Rose Lavelle in the 72′, which confirmed a red card for the Cat with VAR.

It was 78′ when the Volcanoes realized that Jamaica had already won 4-0, so El Tri only needed one goal, but at that moment the ball crossed the goal line for the USA, miraculously saving the Aztecs.

In the 87′, Mexico went forward and took the first ball dangerously, Jimena Lopez stepped into the area and sent the ball across the goalkeeper’s hands.

The illusion collapsed in the 89′, as in a series of rebounds, Christy Mewis was close to the line to push the ball; However, Emilie Sonnett’s first shot was offside, and despite the loss of waiting time, the whistler didn’t go to VAR to see a replay and the goal counted.

Still, with eight minutes to go, the Aztecs were excited, waiting for a miracle that didn’t happen, they needed to win and two goals was already out of reach, playing with 10 and knowing they hadn’t scored the entire match. And they won’t, they eventually exclaimed University Hall.

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