How do you know how much free space we have left in Google Drive

In recent years, phones have become an indisputable tool in people’s daily life, where they can access the most diverse information and store precious personal files. However, there are so many uses for it that storage can sometimes be cramped.

Given the limited capacity of each device, cloud file hosting services like Google Drive are obviously a great option for maximizing your storage capabilities.

The truth is that this free space is also limited, and sometimes you need to know how much free space is available on your phone and computer.

In this sense, there is a trick that allows you to better manage the storage space in your Google Drive account and other Google services. This way you will be able to see if you have used up the 15 GB that the app gave you.

Step by Step

Go to your browser and visit this link:

Once in, you have to enter your Gmail email and password.
– Next, the website will open which will show you how much free space is available in Google Drive, Gmail and other Google services.

To manage your space, you have to click on the Manage Storage button. There, you can delete information that is no longer relevant to you.

– If you don’t want to delete any files, you can also choose a tab to buy more space on Google.

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