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The question is how long the Vietnam debut is going to hold out. The answer came quickly: in the 13′, Sophia Smith scored the first of three goals, giving the United States their first win in Group E of the Women’s World Cup. From then on, the match was a mere formality: Smith (45’+7′) scored again and Horan (77′), even the legendary Alex Morgan missed a penalty in Friday night’s clash.

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The reigning two-time champions are looking to make history: a triple championship, something no one has achieved since the first World Cup in China in 1991. It’s not just about illusion, but a stable foundation that has held them to title and power in women’s football: they have four world titles (1991, 2019 and four gold).

Instead of dominating men’s soccer (although they won the CONCACAF Nations League in June), the women’s team is one of the best in the world. It reflects in every match. For example, for the opening match, coach Antonovski fielded only five survivors from the last World Cup. If France 2019 doesn’t have star player Megan Rapinoe, now it’s Smith, Rodman or DiMelo’s turn. There are no substitute plays for talent.

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The secret of success

America’s dominance of women’s soccer didn’t happen overnight. By some miracle it was not. There’s a job behind it, which reached its peak in February 2022 when, after three years of struggle, the U.S. Soccer Confederation (US Soccer) agreed to allow female soccer players to earn the same salary as men. They say equality.

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In the North American country, universities are an important factor in the development of sports. According to FIFA data released in 2014, Americans account for nearly 16 of the 30 million registered players worldwide.

Ever since a law dubbed “Title XI” was passed in 1972, forcing universities to create athletic programs exclusively for their women, women’s “soccer” has based its strength and vitality on the university system.


“If it’s no longer possible to work with the elderly, let’s do it with the minors” by Lucina Aparicio

What’s wrong with women’s soccer in Peru to stop being amateur? We will all be one idea, one force: clubs, coaches, administrators, media and fans. This is the only way to show that we are worthy of this profession that is so loved and fought for by so many. I think it is important to look at what is happening in South America, our direct competitors: we are far below the required level, without a doubt there are shortcomings, it is true, we can no longer work in the majors, we can still do it in the minors, but we need the support of everyone to use it and continue to progress.

Without any doubt, Alianza Lima excels in the management and communication issue. This has prompted clubs and private companies to show interest in investing. This is how other clubs build competition and we promote our women’s football.

A completely different reality from the reality of living in Peru, for example. “Here they have to train, work and study. That is, the performance of the players does not reach 200%. On the other hand, in the United States women dedicate themselves only to playing soccer,” analyzed Marisella Joya, champion of Bolivarians 2005 with Peru, in the program “Al Angulo”.

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If women’s football here is still amateur (the FPF has a plan for professionalization in 2027), in the United States it has been professional since 2001.

Two years after ‘Team USA’ won the world title on home soil in 1999, women’s soccer entered the professional era with the first championship (WUSA), which featured eight teams. That first attempt only lasted three seasons, but led to the birth of the WPS in 2008 and the NWSL in 2013.

Last year, the San Diego Wave, founded in 2021 and featuring Alex Morgan, broke the league attendance record with 32,000 fans. “It’s unbelievable to think that a year ago in California there were no professional teams from our league and to see how it has grown,” said the 34-year-old striker, who is playing in his fourth World Cup.

America is the first world to see Peru today from afar. There are many things to follow, but first we need to heal a sport that is sick of lack of interest in our country.


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