Within two weeks of the coup, Ricardo met with Nicaea Bukel

During his first visit to the country, President Bukel did not receive Zika. However, on his second visit, this time he held a meeting with the President.

Within two weeks of the overthrow of the ruling party in the judiciary, Joe Biden’s ambassador to the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zika, held a meeting with Republican leader Naib Bukel.

The press secretary of the president released information recording the visit on its social networks, but later removed the publication from its sites.

The visit of a diplomat of Honduran descent was an obvious response to the regime change that the ruling party and its allies had removed from the Constituent Assembly and the Republican Attorney General to the Constitution. This provoked immediate condemnation from the United States, which considered it an insult to democracy.

Then the president fired the dismissal.

During his first visit to the country, President Bukel did not receive Zika. However, on his second visit, he held a meeting with the President.

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Although the details of the meeting between Bukel and Biden’s special envoy are not known, it was known in advance that his visit would mark human rights, economic development, the fight against corruption and, in particular, the institutional structure of democracy.

Ricardo Ziga (front, orange tie) is Joe Biden’s special envoy to the Northern Triangle and he arrived on Tuesday.
The Palace of the Legislature, ten days after the coup that took place there. Photo by EDH / George Reyes

In the opinion of dozens of local and international audiences, including the United States, the latter was shattered by new ideas and the conspiracy presented by its allies at its first full session on May 1st. It called on Washington to respond to the plot.

Before this meeting, Zika held a meeting with representatives of the Board of Directors, Controlled by the ruling party, and then with representatives of the opposition revealed the seriousness of the blow to the rule of law and the country’s impact on the concentration of power.

For his part, Ghanaian Vice President Numan Salcado, who was also part of the board at the meeting, revealed that Zika was interested in the May 1 events, but underestimated the seriousness of those events. “What is being said at the international level is pure speculation,” said the legislator, who is in alliance with the ruling party.

Zika’s arrival runs until Wednesday, May 12th.

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